Is at-home skin care important?

Skin care is a commitment, a ritual. It’s not something that can be done when you feel like it and expect the desired results.

Why spend all this money in our office to improve your appearance by getting injections, such as Botox or Dysport to reduce the unsightly wrinkles, fillers to highlight your cheekbones, give you nicer pouty lips, or remove the brown spots that have been bothering you since you got them, and then go home and use something like a bar of soap to wash your face? Or not use the right makeup remover, or even go to bed without washing your face at all?! 

That would be the equivalent of going to a gym, paying for a trainer to make you sweat trying to drop a few pounds, and then going home to eat a large pizza and a 2 litre bottle of pop.  What’s the point?

AND… you can’t expect to workout on the same one piece of equipment at the gym to get a whole body workout! Just like you can’t expect one kind of treatment will address all your skin care needs!

Everything works in combination. Diet AND exercise…. skin treatments AND skin care.  What we do in our office is the repair and improvement of your skin, you need to maintain those improvements by treating your skin right.  using the right skin care in the correct way, limiting your exposure to UV rays using SPF, drinking plenty of water and reduce or quit smoking.

The kind of skin care you use at home is extremely important. You can’t use just any cleanser and expect to have great skin.  Your skin is uniquely yours. It’s not your Mom’s, it’s not your sister’s or your friend’s. So you can’t use the same cleanser, or moisturizer and get the same results.  Nor can you use the same products you did when you were a teenager. Skin changes as we age, so should your products.

The products you find on the store shelves are for the masses. The address many issues, and by doing so they have to be very mild. As a result, it will take a VERY long time to see any kind of difference, or you may see something right away, and then after awhile you don’t. It just stops working for you.  They are not medical grade, meaning they don’t have the level of active ingredients in them to make any difference to your skin for the long run, as you would find in the skin care that med spas, such as ourselves, carry.

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