Is at-home skin care important?

It is extremely important!

It is the MOST important thing anyone can do to improve their skin health, reduce the signs of aging and control/prevent future skin problems.

Allow me to equate skin care and cosmetic procedures to something we are all familiar with… our hair.

You go to the salon or barber to get your hair cut, dyed, styled, what have you. You come out looking fabulous and feeling great. But you need to maintain your hair at home by washing, drying and styling it yourself. Otherwise, it looks terrible, and the money that you spent was wasted. It is the exact same thing with aesthetic clinics and at-home skin care.

You go to any skin care professional and you have a treatment done, injections, facials, peels, laser treatments, whatever they recommend for your skin care needs. These treatments enhance, correct or improve your skin, and you leave looking fabulous and feeling great. And just like at the salon or barber it is up to you to maintain these results by doing the recommended skin care at home. You must work in partnership with your skin care professional to achieve healthy, glowing, youthful skin, and be able to maintain it for a very long time.

Skin care is not something that can be done when you feel like it.

The term “skin care routine” is very accurate. It is very much a routine! You MUST do it every morning and night, consistently, in order to see the desired results.

 Everyday our skin protects us from the environment that we expose ourselves to. Dust, pollution, pollen, smoke from cigarettes, UV rays from the sun and all of our electronic devices (yes, your smart phone, tv and any monitor can give off harmful light) and even sweat affect our skin health. All of the aforementioned can clog pores, cause wrinkles and sun damage. If you wear makeup as well, then you really must wash your face thoroughly at night. I cannot stress enough the importance of washing your face before bed!

When we sleep, it is the time when your body rests and regenerates itself. This holds true with skin as well. At night, your skin needs to be able to breathe in order to heal and regenerate itself.

Skin care is a commitment, a commitment to yourself.

Now, there are many skin care brands available, it is very easy to get overwhelmed and confused on what products would be good for your individual needs. The products you find in pharmacies or department stores are produced for the masses. They are on shelves for many months, and are formulated with fewer active ingredients so they are safe for a wider range of skin types, and loaded with preservatives to be able to stay on the shelf for a long time. This in itself explains why there are so many creams, lotions and serums on the market, hoping that someone will try them.

The easiest and fastest way to achieve results is to consult your skin care professional, ie. a trustworthy Dermatologist, Aesthetician or Skin Care Clinic. They will guide you, step by step, on which products would be most effective for you. By using these recommended skin care products, not only are they usually medical grade, meaning they have higher concentrations of active ingredients, this will ultimately end up saving you money in the long run!

How can the right skin care routine save you money.

By using the right skin care routine for your skin consistently, not only will you see the visible benefits but also the financial benefits. How you may ask? Simple. The better your skin looks, the healthier it is, and therefore less money needed to be spent on in office treatments. Don’t get me wrong… you still need to come in to a skin care clinic for routine maintenance, but you will definitely end up spending less in the long run. Not only will your skin be better prepared for in-office treatments, they will be more effective and the results will last longer.

Click here for more information about at-home skin care that we recommend to our clients.

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